FM-70 TT Tube Trimming/Parting Machine

The FM-70 TT Tube Trimming/Parting Machine is designed for 90 degree Parting, Angle-Cut Parting, End Trimming, Radius-Cutting, and Radius Scallop operations on tubes.  The FM-70 TT uses clamping jaws to hold the tube, while a blade is pushed into the tube to perform the cutting operation.

Max Tube Dia.: 

 76.2mm (3.0") x 2mm (0.79") WT

Control System: 
Allen-Bradley PLC
Hydraulic Power Unit: 

15 HP, 1500 PSI, 20 GPM Piston Pump

Oil Reservoir: 
80 gallons

2540mm (100") L x 660mm (26") W x 1981mm (78") H

Drip Trays: 
Drip trays for hydraulic power pack (not available with Hydra-GREEN™ option)
Full one-year warranty from date of installation
Cycle Start Options: 

Standard voltage is 480V/60Hz/3Ph or 380V/50Hz/3Ph. For other requirements, please refer to option below. 

Special Paint Color: 
Must be specified at time of order. Not available on stock machines
Machine Feet Options: 

Machine leveling feet or roller casters

Cycle Activation: 
Two-Hand start
Hydraulic Oil Cooler: 

Water over oil (External water supply required). Flow Rate: 10gpm, 78⁰ Farenheit

Hydra-GREEN Power Pack: 
Special Patent Pending hydraulic power pack and control circuit to reduce power consumption by as much as 70%, reduce average operating sound level by ~40%, reduce hydraulic oil usage (reservoir fill capacity reduced to 20 gallons) and improve safety. The Hydra-GREEN option includes tank side covers.
Pre-Notch System: 
Vertically cutting blade to pre-notch the tube at the main blade's entry point. Benefit - Reduces the size of the dimple produced during shear cut.
Paint Color: 
AddisonMckee Ivory
Machine Feet: 
Machine Anchorable Feet
Non-Standard Voltage: 

Standard voltage is 480V/60Hz/3Ph or 380V/50Hz/3Ph.  All other incoming power requirements require Engineering review.

Oil Cooler - Air: 

Self contained, fan driven heat exchanger using ambient air to cool hydraulic oil. 

Isolation Valve: 
Allows for safe loading of vise area
Pneumatic Prep Unit: 

Filter regulator is added to machine for future pneumatic needs.

Pendant Arm: 

Control located on pendant arm. Allows operator to position control in a more ergonomic location.  Note: Pendant Arm is required with Light Curtain. 

Lubrication System: 

Automatic application of liquid spray coolant through nozzles on each side of the blade. Includes Pneumatic Prep Unit.  Benefit - Improves cutting blade life.

Light Curtain(s): 
Single or Dual
Tank Side Covers: 
Side covers for hydraulic power pack to enclose pump/motor and valves to improve aesthetics
Options Other: 

Quick-Change Fixture Mounting Blocks

AddisonMckee Hydra-GREEN HG-70 TTPN Tube Trimming Machine
Tube being trimmed in AddisonMckee FM-70 TTPN Machine
AddisonMckee FM-70 TTPN Tube Trimming Machine
AddisonMckee FM-70 TTPN Tube Trimming Machine Close Up Side View


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